How it began...

In 2005, while sitting in a park in London, a thought came to me. I wondered if the human spirit indeed could transcend physical limitations. The seed was planted.

I derived a story that piggy backed on my central concept and was certain it'd make a great movie. So I spent a year researching the subject of endurance sports at the library close to work... books on running, rowing, cycling. Upon returning to Malaysia, I realised I had lost all my notes. But it did not matter. I had internalised most of what I had read.

It was chaotic, adapting to life in a country I had left behind for 12 years. My movie idea got shelved, stowed at the back of my mind with the other scrolls of dreams. This dream was shoved further back when I came upon an article that said it was virtually impossible to submit a movie script and have it made into a movie... that the best way to get your idea turned into a movie was to write a book.

“Write a book? Yeah right.”

Throughout my career, I had labelled myself a short copywriter, someone who was good with headlines, and if need be, a paragraph or two to support it. It always amazed me how authors had the stamina to churn out 200 pages of bliss.

In July of 2009, when I made the decision to take on this Everest, I told myself: All it is, is this. 10,000 headlines seamlessly strung together. And you’ve got your book.

And I stepped off the ledge and let the warm air currents carry me.

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