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I really liked it! I found your writing style very descriptive, poetic and well paced. I say you have a winner on your hands :)
- Anner Ngiau, Detroit

It's a great read for anybody who's ever followed a dream, worked for 'the man,' or has been in love.
- Thom Hiatt, President, Twin Bees Communications

Your book has touched me deeply, emotionally and spiritually. I saw shades of myself in both Timmy and Cambria - as a marathon runner, and sadly, as a failed lover myself. I found it uncanny that, at times, their thoughts and struggles reflected painful facts and memories of my past which I've been struggling to understand and overcome for the past year or so. But thanks to your book, it has given me hope and a renewed sense of belief to continue persevering, to savour what life has to offer (good or bad) and to start off the new year with a clean slate for myself. Jeremy, thank you for allowing me to believe once more...
- Ray Mun, via email

Very well written, in a precise, intelligent but "low atmosphere" kind of method (reminds me of the style of very good writers before WW 2). A moving tale that will change your life.
- Keith Tan, Professor at Taylor's College

I was inspired, in awe, fell suddenly in love, laughed & cried...
- Alex Chong, New Jersey

I just finished Fuel...LOVED it... I read it super fast! couldn't put it down!
- Lindsey Niezgocki, Washington

Having devoured so many books in my lifetime, I never thought I'd find one in which I could relate to in so many aspects. The last book to strike a chord with this heart of mine was The Choice from Og Mandino many many many moons ago.
- Brian Wee, via email

Fuel was given to me by my old friend, Dato Stephen Voon, and I am so thankful for this gift. I enjoyed your writing immensely. Keep going! I will be waiting for your next!
- Don L Smith, Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page

Just finished reading your book like 10 minutes ago. Wow. Thank you. I'm struggling to find good words to describe it.
- Andrew Ea, Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page

None of the books i have read before carried the meaning of life so clearly as Fuel. Jeremy, thanks for writing such a wonderful book.
- Amol Waidande, Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page

I enjoyed it immensely... The story resonates with me on several levels (love, advertising, London, and especially, running). Its good to know that you have many more books in you, and I really look forward to them. So please keep writing. It would be a shame not to.
- Hisham Othman, Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page

Brian Wee wrote such a glowing review of your book that I literally ran out and got it the very same day from Bee in Jaya One. I was not disappointed. Thank you so much for this wonderful book.
- Narkunavathy Sundareson, Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page

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